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About Us

The African Minnesota Women Awareness Group (AMWAG) works to raise awareness about domestic violence, to educate and create programming and technical assistance, to assist the public mostly African Americans in addressing the issue, and to support those impacted by domestic violence.

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    A friend from Minneapolis suggested I contact AMWAG to help out. I think AMWAG is one of the finest organizations in this city, it is a model for other nonprofits across the nation.

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    In addition, gifts will support our ongoing administrative and technological infrastructure costs.

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    Your financial investment will help expand AMWAG’s programs and events.

Our Mission

TTo raise awareness about domestic violence among families living in Minnesota and beyond.To educate and empower victims and survivors of all forms of domestic violence by offering resources for building healthy relationships.To collaborate with the state, local community leaders, public, private organizations and provide strategies for combating all form of domestic violence.We believe that all persons should be treated with equal dignity and fairness with high quality and culturally sensitive programs, delivered with integrity and compassion. To educate and create programming and technical assistance.To assist the public mostly Africans in the diaspora in addressing domestic violence issue.To Support those impacted by domestic violence.To provide culturally sensitive services to the victims of domestic violence. We provide advocarcy services geared towards safety, health and protection of domestic violence victims.To collaborations with community organizations, government authorities, church leaders, social workers, mental health professionals. Medical providers, and state legislatures to maximize our efforts towards domestic violence prevention, treatment, and support of victims impacted by domestic violence.

We Provide Huge Range of Services

AMWAG is a non-profit organization that provides free culturally sensitive holistic services to the individuals, families and communites living in the diaspora.

Women's Empowerment

Women and girls in the developing world are hit hardest by poverty. We deliver the knowledge and support they need to forge new opportunities.

World Hunger

We can feed 4 million more hungry people just by supporting local supply chains instead of foreign food imports.

Girls’ Education

Hunger, lower social status, chores, early marriage, school safety and sanitation are all barriers preventing a girl from receiving a proper education.

Violence Against Women

Gender-based violence is one of the most pervasive and yet least-recognized human rights abuses in the world.

Youth Empowerment

We believe that addressing the diverse needs of youth and adolescents is critical to our mission to end poverty and promote equality.


We believe gender equality is fundamental in achieving rights and dignity for all, including people living with HIV and their families and loved ones.

Our Portfolio